Can We Make a Marx-O-Lantern? Yes We Carve!

In a few hours I’ll be taking the kids out trick or treating, and I’ll make sure the kids demand not only candy from anybody who has a pro-Obama pumkin on their porch, but also a lot of the money that they’re having stolen from them as we speak.

Peruse the Obama pumpkin selection at Carving and putting a pro-Obama pumpkin on your porch is supposed to be sending the message that you support Obamacare — and with what will clock in at trillions of dollars, Halloween is the perfect day for it, because the latest health care bill is the scariest thing this country has seen in quite a while.

Here are a few pictures from YesWeCarve:

It’s never too early to convince your kids that stealing from their future is for their own good:



Obama might repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell” — but until then… don’t ask, don’t tell:


Get ready to Mao on some candy at this place:


But out of all the selections, nobody created what would be the most appropriate Hope & Change pumpkin of all:


I carved that teleprompter pumpkin — the best tribute to this president I could think of — here. Carve your own, print it out, and put it on your front door as your own way of letting your neighbors know that you also support the true leader of this country. And if you really want to tick off an Obamaniac, carve a pumpkin with the Fox News logo in it.

All these Obama pumpkins properly represent the rhetoric from this administration: Empty and with a flicker of light that gets dimmer by the day.

Update: Hey kids, be on the lookout tonight when you’re trick-or-treating. Instead of getting candy at some houses, you might end up being handed Obamacare propaganda.

Author: Doug Powers

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