CBS Rejects Gay Dating Website’s Super Bowl Ad


CBS has approved the Tim Tebow pro-life ad for the Super Bowl, and rejected the ad for a gay dating site called “” Look for this to be made into a political flap even though it’s clear that the latter was nothing more than a publicity stunt:

CBS just rejected a Super Bowl ad from gay dating.

Network executives denied the site’s submission noting that the “creative is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

CBS also said that the site couldn’t guarantee the $2.5 million payment, which strengthens the “publicity stunt” theory. But if that’s the case, mission accomplished — that website’s probably gotten more publicity out of this than they would have if they paid for a spot.

Here’s the ad in question that will never be seen by all the gay football fans. It seems more like a commercial for “Castro Street Potato Chips” than a gay dating site — complete with a guy at the end who realizes that he really, really went to the wrong Super Bowl party:

Author: Doug Powers

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