Queen Pelosi & Family Flying High on Your Dime — Just Shut Up and Pay For it, You Teabagging Nazis!

Welcome aboard Air Force Fun!


Doug Ross has some truly amazing information at his blog concerning not only Nancy Pelosi’s air travel habits and expenses, but her family as well:

Meet the Pelosi family! Using Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Judicial Watch uncovered thousands of pages of travel documents related to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s use of military aircraft.

What hasn’t been revealed so far is that military aircraft are being used to shuttle Pelosi’s kids and grandkids between DC and San Francisco without any Congressional representatives even onboard! Put simply, the United States Air Force is serving as a multi-billion dollar chauffeur- and baby-sitting service for Nancy Pelosi’s kids and grandkids — presumably because commercial travel is beneath the families of the autocrats.

Ross displays a laundry list of receipts and other requests, including notes saying that her kids and grandkids can fly on the military jets without her — a note much like your parents might have given you when you were a kid that would allow you to buy them a pack of cigarettes — except this is an $18,000-an-hour pack of cigarettes:


Here’s the booze receipt from just one cross-country trip. If I didn’t know better I’d think that Ted Kennedy faked his death and is living it up on Nancy Pelosi’s jet(s):


When a member of Pelosi’s family flies, the receipt says “reimbursable equivalent rate” or some such thing, which means they’re supposed to pay back what standard coach fare would cost on a commercial airline. Whoopee. Essentially, Pelosi’s family, friends and congressional cronies are getting a private jet for $300-$500 a seat (if that’s ever even paid back). The rest is on you.

But don’t dare complain about this, you swastika carrying Nazis, just keep handing over your money.

Author: Doug Powers

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