‘You Lie’; Judge Alito Remix

Not as overt as Joe Wilson, but here’s Supreme Court Justice Alito at last night’s State of the Union speech mouthing the words “That’s not true” as Obama bashed the Court’s free speech ruling on Citizens v. FEC (as pointed out in this column, a slight majority of the Court rightly recognized that their job “is to uphold and interpret the Constitution, not to make political judgments about how and when money should be spent on elections”).

Take it away, Judge Alito:

Update: Georgetown University Law Professor Randy Barnett on Obama’s “calling out” the Supreme Court:

In the history of the State of the Union has any President ever called out the Supreme Court by name, and egged on the Congress to jeer a Supreme Court decision, while the Justices were seated politely before him surrounded by hundreds Congressmen? To call upon the Congress to countermand (somehow) by statute a constitutional decision, indeed a decision applying the First Amendment? What can this possibly accomplish besides alienating Justice Kennedy who wrote the opinion being attacked. Contrary to what we heard during the last administration, the Court may certainly be the object of presidential criticism without posing any threat to its independence. But this was a truly shocking lack of decorum and disrespect towards the Supreme Court for which an apology is in order. A new tone indeed.

For an Entire Hour, Chris Matthews Forgets Obama is Supposed to be Shining His Shoes

I wasn’t really planning on commenting much on the State of the Union speech Wednesday night because it’s all so predictable and somewhat boring. But it’s hard to avoid what Chris Matthews said a while ago: Matthews was so enthralled with Obama’s speech that he “forgot Obama was black tonight for an hour.” When a black man doesn’t play basketball or eat watermelon for a whole 60 minutes, this kind of think is bound to take root among the progressive lilly white left.

Clearly Obama didn’t use any negro dialect in his speech, or Matthews’ leg thrill might have subsided for a moment:

The Obama Curse Continues

Obama campaigns for Creigh Deeds: He lost.
Obama campaigns for Jon Corzine: Another loss.
Obama campaigns for the Chicago Olympics: Out in the first round of voting.
Obama campaigns for Martha Coakley: Epic fail.
Obama lobbies hard for health care: It’s now in a dangerously deep coma

Last night, Kentucky’s basketball team, #1 in the nation with a 19-0 record, gets a phone call from President Obama before the game. What happened? You guessed it, Kentucky lost to a mediocre South Carolina team.

At the State of the Union speech tonight, if Obama touts a perfect record so far in his presidency, he’s not lying. It’s all in how you “spin” these things.

And the Most Trusted Network for News Is…

This really has been a bad year for Democrats so far, but now it feels like somebody’s just piling on.

From Politico:

Fox is the most trusted television news network in the country, according to a new poll out Tuesday.

A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network.

Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded.

So, who won that “Obama administration vs. Fox News” war, anyway?

Here’s Dean Debnam, the president of Public Policy Polling giving his opinion of the polling data:

“A generation ago you would have expected Americans to place their trust in the most neutral and unbiased conveyors of news,” said PPP President Dean Debnam in his analysis of the poll. “But the media landscape has really changed, and now they’re turning more toward the outlets that tell them what they want to hear.”

Boy, Debnam sounds disappointed in the results of the poll, doesn’t he? I wonder why? Debnam donated $4,000 to liberal Democrat Rep. Brad Miller’s campaign and $1,250 to the N.C. Democratic Party, so it sounds like he’d have no reason at all to dislike Fox News (insert “sarc mark” here).

But still, I give him credit for not twisting the poll results to fit his personal opinions — just his analysis.

And now, a Special Comment from Keith Olbermann:


How dare you call yourself an unbiased Democrat, Mr. Debnam! Your failure to create a poll that proves MSNBC is the least biased news network — which anybody with an IQ higher than Sarah Palin’s toenail polish knows to be the truth — is proof positive that you sir are nothing but a butt-boy for the Nazi wing of the Republican party! How dare you, sir, for obviously front-loading your poll with more Republicans than an Osmonds family reunion in Scott Rasmussen’s living room! When shall we measure you for your Klan robe, Mr. Debnam? Or do you already have one?

How! Dare! You! Sir! Become nothing but a disgrace to the profession of polling for wearing out your kneepads at the feet of Roger Ailes. The Democratic Party would return your donations forthwith, Der Polling Führer, if they hadn’t already spent the money battling the same blood-thirsty GOP vampires that Fox News services with all the fervor of Pamela Anderson at Fleet Week.

Mr. Debnam, for propping up the Fox ‘News’ entertainment channel and selling out your principles like a Roman Catholic hawking condoms outside the Los Angeles Lakers locker room, I hereby declare you… The Worst Person in the Wooooorld!


Et tu, Obama Girl?


On the day of Obama’s “State of Trying to Socialize the Union” speech comes even more bad news. The woman who was two of Barack Obama’s strongest supporters during the campaign has been struck by reality:

First, Massachusetts turned on the president.

Now, the bikini-clad “Obama Girl” — who famously cooed about her “crush” throughout the presidential campaign on YouTube videos — admits the thrill is gone.

Amber Lee Ettinger — the buxom sensa tion who lip-synched about her love for then-candidate Barack Obama — said she wishes he spent his first year in office more fo cused on fixing the abysmal economy.
Ettinger, 28, said that even though she doesn’t have health care — “I can’t afford it” — she still thinks Obama should have waited to tackle the thorny legislation that has been blamed for the devastating Democratic loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

“It’s definitely a distraction because of the economy being as bad as it is,” said the Jersey City resident.

“He did create some jobs, but most of them were government jobs and that doesn’t really help the middle class. But it helps a bit,” said Ettinger.

Good Lord, Obama Girl knows more about economics than the Obama administration, and as such she’s just ensured that she’ll never get a job with this particular White House.

Obama Girl and Peggy the Moocher (inspiration for the “Peggy Effect” which is used to explain The One’s falling approval ratings) should hook up so they can console each other. It’s been over a year and still no free health care. No free mortgage. No free gas. No jobs. Ted Kennedy’s seat taken by Republicans. Sigh.

Here’s Obama Girl in happier, more hopeful times:

Harry Reid in ‘No Rush’ to Help Save Those Dying from a Lack of Health Care?


Harry Reid, Senate floor, Dec. 21, 2009:

“All over America, people are dying too soon. More and more, Americans who come down with the flu, or develop diabetes, or suffer a stroke are dying far earlier than modern science says they should die. More and more, Americans who contract skin cancer or have a heart condition are dying rather than being cured.

“Pull out the medical records of these patients, and the official forms will tell you they’ve died from complications of a disease or a surgery. But what is really killing more and more Americans every day are complications of our health care system.”

Harry Reid, January 26, 2010:

The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, deflected questions about health care. “We’re not on health care now,” Mr. Reid said. “We’ve talked a lot about it in the past.”

He added, “There is no rush.”

Will some enterprising reporter please ask Reid if he was wildly exaggerating the problem in the first place, or just doesn’t care that people are dying due to problems in our health care system because ramming through the wildly unpopular Obamacare bill could cost him re-election? It’s one or the other. Frankly, either option makes him look like a jerk, but Reid is used to that.

Guy Who Busted ACORN Arrested In Landrieu’s Office

James O’Keefe gained fame for helping give ACORN a pimp-slapping… almost literally. But Tuesday he was arrested, along with a couple other people, for what sounds like an attempt to wire-tap the phones in Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office.

Who the hell would want to listen to Harry Reid offering to give pedicures and sacks of taxpayer cash (not necessarily in that order) to “on the fence” members of Congress all day?

I don’t know any more facts on his arrest than are contained in this story.

NEW ORLEANS – A conservative filmmaker who posed as a pimp to target the liberal activist group ACORN was arrested with the son of a federal prosecutor and two other men and accused of plotting to tamper with the New Orleans offices of Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

Activist James O’Keefe, 25, recorded two of the other suspects with his cell phone as they walked into the office dressed like telephone repairmen and said they needed to fix problems with the phone system, according to an FBI affidavit.

In the affidavit, Special Agent Steven Rayes said O’Keefe was helping Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, who were attempting to interfere with the office’s telephone system.

If the truth is anything close to what it sounds like, Democrats are doing more than enough to bring themselves down, so I certainly don’t think it’s necessary to break federal or state laws in order to push that process along. But we’ll see where this all leads. There could be a lot more — or a lot less — to the story.

Naturally though, some Democrats are already painting this with a Nixonian sized brush:

Michael McHale, chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party, referred to the episode as “Louisiana Watergate” in a statement Tuesday and urged authorities to prosecute “any wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law.”

Given the blame-game that’s been going on in the last few months, look for the finger to be pointed at Bush for this one.

Update: Chris mentioned this in comments. A Twitter post (I still refuse to say the word “tweet” in casual or formal conversation) from Dave Weigel:

Y’know, a criminal record can make it tough to find a job. Is there some community group that could help O’Keefe out? Oh.

The Daily Show Weighs in on TOTUS in Elementary School

You’ve already heard from me about this, so what’s Jon Stewart’s take? Pretty much what mine was:

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Update: Newest teleprompter laugh: Obama uses prompter in a meeting with about ten people.

‘Mr. Bintarto, Tear Down This Child Obama Statue’: Has Indonesia Lost Hope?


The problem with the politics of emotion over substance is that the feeling of euphoria tends to wear off even faster than it developed, but usually not this fast:

JAKARTA — Indonesian authorities said Monday they are considering a petition to tear down a statue of US President Barack Obama as a boy, only a month after the bronze was unveiled in Jakarta.

The statue of “Little Barry” — as Obama was known when he lived in the capital in the late 1960s — stands in central Jakarta’s Menteng Park, a short walk from the US president’s former elementary school.

Critics say the site should have been used to honour an Indonesian and 55,000 people have joined a page on social networking website Facebook calling for the statue to be removed.

“We’ve been discussing for the past two weeks what to do with the statue… whether to take it down, move it elsewhere or retain it. We’re finding the best solution,” Jakarta parks agency official Dwi Bintarto said.

The Facebook page mentioned in the article is here. Yeah, to say “the thrill is gone” would be an understatement.

If Indonesia doesn’t want this statue, who does? Don’t ask, or we’re likely to see something like this in the near future:


(h/t GatewayPundit)

Update: The Hopenchange continues to evaporate: Obama endorser Christopher Buckley mocks The One’s State of the Union speech tomorrow night. I suppose Christopher’s also considering taking town his Obama statue as well.

How quickly they turn.