NannyState-Dot-Guv Rolls On

Yes, we all know people shouldn’t text while driving — or read the newspaper, or shave, or put on makeup — but is it necessary to create an entire section of the Department of Transportation dedicated to reminding us to use common sense?


Yet another waste of taxpayer money (aside from how many government jobs it’s “saving or creating”). Why? Because not texting while driving is common sense, and common sense isn’t something you can be reminded to use.

If the government wants to preach about distracted driving, they should start with the people who drive cars in Joe Biden’s motorcades.

My sources tell me that the Obama administration has also ordered the creation of the following websites as both important reminders for Americans, as well as stimulus programs to create even more of the government jobs that are saving our economy:

As for the “” PSA, where’s the blonde lobby protesting the perpetuation of a cruel hair-color stereotype? And what’s with Ray LaHood? The government can afford to hire Ed Begley, Jr. for their Census ads, but they can’t manage to get somebody who looks like he knows what texting is to front their anti-texting PSA?

This is like Abe Vigoda reminding us not to use our iPod Touch in the shower:

(h/t Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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