Eric Massa to Larry King: If I Were Gay That Would Be An Insult to Gay People

Eric Massa, fresh off his appearance on Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News — an interview that turned out to be the “Geraldo opening Capone’s vault” of 21st century politics — appeared with Larry King last night, who asked Massa if he was gay.

Now, 99.9% of heterosexual males would have no problem whatsoever saying “no” — but not Eric Massa.

Massa said that King’s question “insults every gay American because it classifies people.” If Massa were gay, that would be an insult to gay people? Actually, now that I know more about Massa, I believe he’s correct on that.

This looks like somebody trying to come out of the closet without opening the door, but I could be wrong — maybe Massa’s still just in shock from having Rahm Emanuel show him how nuts he is, figuratively and literally:

Author: Doug Powers

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