Why Are the President and Democrat-Controlled Congress Being So Racist Toward Black Farmers?

And they call Tea Partiers racist?

Nearly two months since the administration announced a $1.2 billion agreement to settle decades-old racial discrimination claims against the Department of Agriculture, the nation’s black farmers are still looking for the money. And the checks are not in the mail.

A March 31 deadline in the federal court agreement passed without Congress providing the money that is to be paid to thousands of farmers. The missed deadline does not end the settlement but does allow the farmers to reopen the class action lawsuit.

“The black farmers are not willing to engage in an indefinite waiting game,” John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, said Thursday.

Boyd said he was disappointed the administration had not secured the money from Congress and said “we need more of a commitment” from President Obama to back up the agreement with cash.

“We want the administration to do what they said they were going to do,” Boyd said. “This has been a very, very long, drawn-out battle. There’s been a lot of empty promises made to the black farmers.”

The fact that the money is so delayed in being paid out certainly tell us at least one thing: None of these black farmers are in the SEIU.

The black farmers are blaming Obama for the delay.

This is a little ironic considering Obama’s recent use of “waiting for crops to grow” metaphors for heath care bill critics in the press.

This is an outrage, and I think that as a maya culpa and further attempt to right past wrongs, Obama and Congress should have Robert Byrd personally deliver the checks — if they’re ever cut.

Author: Doug Powers

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