Hope & Changeup: Obama’s ‘Terrible’ First Pitch at Nationals Game


President Obama (shown above last year throwing out the first pitch at the All Star Game) may want his staff to blame this year’s “terrible” first pitch on the fact that he insisted on going teleprompterless this time.

Frankly I was a little more optimistic that Obama’s first pitch today would be better than the one offered up at last year’s All Star Game, given the fact that just this morning I read the president had been practicing. It didn’t go very well, though.

From WCBS:

Boos For Obama During Phillies-National 1st Pitch
President Makes Terrible Delivery On The Mound

President Barack Obama stands atop the pitcher’s mound as he prepares to deliver the ceremonial first pitch on April 5, 2010, as the MLB season opens for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals.

In front of thousands of fans, President Barack Obama strolled to the pitcher’s mound and tossed a baseball to Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, officially launching the team’s baseball season.

As he came out and greeted the players, a few boos could be heard coming from fans. The president didn’t show any obvious reaction and made his way to the mound.

The pitch, not unlike Obama’s approval ratings during his presidency, did an early high arc and then promptly slid to the left before quickly dropping away.

If I was on Obama’s staff, I’d spin it this way: Sure, the pitch wasn’t very popular when it was thrown, but in a few years you’re gonna love it:

Bad, but not as bad as this guy.

Here’s how legendary announcer Harry Doyle would have made the call on Obama’s pitch:

Update: Obama’s people thought of everything — even some announcer booth material in case the pitch went horribly awry. From Mark Knoller via Twitter:

Obama joined announce team for an inning of Nats/Phillies game. Explained his high & outside pitch: “I was intentionally walking the guy.”

Author: Doug Powers

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