Will Harry Reid Get Voted Out in November? You Bet’cha!

Add Harry Reid to the pile of Democrats who seem to think they’re running for re-election against Sarah Palin.

Reid was speaking to a group of supporters and referenced Palin, made a crack about writing on his hand, and also threw in a “You bet’cha.” Even Reid seems to think it’s hacky, but it’s all he’s got.

When Reid starts talking about the Tea Party, at the 12-second mark, you can hear a gruff woman yell, “They can drop dead!” If a Tea Partier had said that about the opposition, this would be the lead story on the nightly news.

For me though the most telling thing about the video is the tone. There are a few golf claps and cheers from the seven active people in an audience that could have all fit in the trunk of a Crown Victoria, but for the most part I’ve seen more excited crowds at tax seminars. Maybe the audience can sense that it’s more of a wake than a rally. Let’s hope so.

Okay, cue the hate speech:

Author: Doug Powers

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