Obama Twisting Arms to Get His ‘Home Country’ to Legalize Abortion

President Obama is twisting the arm of Kenya, his “home country” according to Obama’s wife (I never pegged Michelle as a “birther” but I guess I was wrong), to get them to legalize abortion via constitutional amendments. Evidently Kenyans shouldn’t be punished with a baby either.

Joseph Meaney of Human Life International nails Obama and the “pro-choice” left’s real intentions:

“Kenyans are pro-life,” he said. When we see the new articles added to the constitution and approved by parliament under heavy pressure from Western elites, we are seeing an assault on the very heart of the Kenyan people.”

“Perhaps the greatest insult is that this attack is happening under the banner of ‘improving women’s health’. The only ones who believe that killing an unborn child is good for a woman’s health are those who will profit from the slaughter, Western powers who are pouring untold millions of dollars into measures to keep Africa’s children from being born,” he told LifeNews.com.

“This is nothing but population control, an imperialist assault intended to rob Africa of its future by eliminating her children. It is a disgrace,” he said.

Good points. What would the left be calling George W. Bush if he were pushing an African nation to do something that would culminate in a lot more dead black babies? The left gets a free pass on the illogic. The “pro-choice” left can open abortion clinics in minority areas and call it “health care,” but if Sarah Palin bought a building in the same area, put a sign out that said “get help killing your unborn children here,” she’d be ridden out on a racist rail.

US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger, is pitching Obama’s legalized abortion idea to the Kenyan government. Tell me this steaming pile of Pelosi didn’t come straight from the top at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

“We urge the leaders of the coalition government, civil society, and religious leaders to maintain positive momentum as Kenya moves towards a national referendum on the draft Constitution,” he added. “Unity in support of the draft will bring the Kenyan people together and establish a framework which will greatly improve prospects for democratic stability and shared prosperity for all Kenyans.”

Well, all Kenyans except the ones that end up in a trash can.

The success of a nation’s democracy and its prosperity depends partly on its ability to legally kill off its most helpless citizens? Using this definition, Cambodia under Pol Pot was one of the most democratic and prosperous nations in the history of the world.

The only thing that would “prosper” from legalized abortion in Kenya is Planned Parenthood, et al, who are financed by US taxpayers and who make millions upon millions of dollars performing abortions in third world countries. But anyway, back to how racist and greedy those darn Tea Partiers are…

Author: Doug Powers

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