Bachmann Palin Overdrive


About 11,000 people turned out in Minneapolis yesterday for a fundraiser for Michele Bachmann at which Sarah Palin spoke.

Now this is what I call a motivated base:

Compare and contrast with a rally for Harry Reid, where the future ex-Senator told about a dozen people a couple of jokes about Sarah Palin that were about as funny as… well, the size of his audience:

Maybe Harry would have more people show up if he’d have the guts to actually announce where he’d be appearing (he won’t out of fear of protesters showing up to voice their disdain with the wildly expensive free health care that Nancy Pelosi insists everybody loves).

Appearing later with Sean Hannity, Bachmann and Palin provided a much needed breath of fresh air, calling Obama’s new nuke policy “insane, ridiculous & morally reprehensible.” Yeah, that about covers it, considering that building nukes but not allowing testing before their possible use is so stupid that history might record Obama’s plan as “The Wile E. Coyote Solution”:

Author: Doug Powers

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