Q: What Does the US/Russia Nuke Agreement Have in Common With the Obamacare Bill?

A: Nobody seems to know what’s in either one:

In a statement today, Sergei Prikhodko – Russia President Dmitri Medvedev’s senior foreign policy adviser – contradicted the White House’s repeated assertion that the treaty that will be signed tomorrow in Prague by Medvedev and President Obama has no substantive linkage between a reduction in offensive nuclear arms and the US plans for missile defense in Europe.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently stated that “linkage to missile defense is clearly spelled out in the accord and is legally binding.”

Are they wrong? ABC News asked a senior Obama administration official.

“Yes,” was the reply.

Apparently, like the Obamacare bill, the nuke agreement will also have to be signed into law before anybody finds out what’s in it — if even then.

And if you missed the Obama/Medvedev press conference in Prague earlier this morning, I’ll save you an hour and sum up Obama’s view: “The safety and security of the world depends on a weaker U.S.”

Author: Doug Powers

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