Gingrich: Just Say ‘Yes’ — Republican Base: No We Won’t

Somebody please tell Gingrich that a certain politician already holds the copyright to “Yes We Can”:

Big-name Republicans aren’t joining Newt Gingrich’s call to rebrand the GOP the “Party of Yes.”

The former House Speaker kicked things off Thursday by urging the GOP to ditch the “party of no” label by focusing on its own ideas, rather than merely saying no to the Democrats.

Newt’s just not getting it — when you’re being violated, the last thing you should do is yell “yes!”

Besides, the “party of ‘no'” label is one that the Democrats apply to the GOP, so it’s not really up to the GOP to ditch it — and trying to run away from it is letting the Democrats control the debate… again.

In any case, of course Republicans are saying “no” to the Democrats. How come that’s such a bad thing? Do the Democrats say “yes” to Republicans all the time and the GOP is being rude for not returning the favor? How come the Democrats aren’t the “party of ‘no'”? Because the Democrats control the debate and don’t care what the hell the Republicans think of them.

The only area that the GOP seems to be taking Gingrich’s “just say yes” advice is when it comes to whipping out the RNC credit card.

We’ve seen what Gingrich’s idea of “yes” is, and this kind of “yes” is why we’re in so much trouble (click the pic if you dare):


Gingrich gave a scathing speech against Obama and his radical agenda, but until Newt’s actions start matching his words I won’t be reeled back into his camp any time soon.

Author: Doug Powers

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