Those Racist Tea Parties, Part XXIV: Video Response to Keith Olbermann

This morning I ran across a video response to Keith Olbermann, who of course works at the whitest cable network in the country but nonetheless calls the Tea Party movement racist and exclusively white.

I’m not a big fan of the “look, we do too have minorities” response because it’s a defensive reaction that won’t convince people with preconceived notions. If Keith Olbermann wanted real examples of racism, he’d check out how some on his side of the aisle treat minorities involved in the Tea Party, and the fact that he won’t means videos like this are of little use to race pimps and contradictory boneheads who refuse to look past the color of a person’s skin long enough to see anything but “race” in everyone:

Predicted Olbermann spin: “What this video doesn’t show, sir, is that these same black Tea Partiers have been so brainwashed by the white racists in the Tea Party movement that black Tea Partiers shout racial slurs at each other, and one even spit on himself in a horrid example of white-racism-by-minority-proxy.”

As for the lower number of minorities at Tea Parties (more are always welcome… if Olbermann ever bothered to actually attend the rallies he’s making blanket statements about, he’d notice, much to his chagrin, that minorities aren’t turned away at the entrance), Mark Davis summed it up best:

You will find people looking for leaders who will reduce spending, reduce taxes and obey the Constitution. And they don’t care what color those leaders are. If the crowd is overwhelmingly white, it’s not because the Tea Party has a problem with people of color. It’s because so many people of color have a problem with limited government. Anyone in that crowd will gladly make the case to any skeptic of any color.

Update: Governor who chased himself from office for banging whores guest-hosted an MSNBC program and talked with the viewer about the “crazies” in the Tea Party.

Author: Doug Powers

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