Florida Special Election Day: Time to Judge the Mood of Part of the Country; Update: Dem Wins Fairly Easily

In 2008, Barack Obama got 65% of the votes in Florida’s 19th congressional district, so it’s solidly Democrat, but a Republican victory today — or even a close race by the time it’s all over — would be one heck of a scare for the Dems headed into November:

Voters are set to decide who will replace former U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, who resigned in January to lead a Middle East think tank.

Polls opened Tuesday morning across Palm Beach and Broward counties for the special election in District 19.

Democratic state Sen. Ted Deutch, who has Wexler’s endorsement, faces GOP challenger Ed Lynch.

I have a source who is down in Florida doing some exit polling, and so far here’s how he said the Palm Beach/Broward numbers are breaking down:

Ed Lynch: 46%
Ted Deutch: 45%
Pat Buchanan: 9%

Some things never change.

I’ll have an update later once the real numbers start coming in and I’m finished being elbows-deep in my lawn mower trying to fix it.

Hopefully by the end of the day there’s news that will give the DNC the trots.

Update: Miami Herald reports no voting problems yet and a high voter turnout. Polls are now closed so numbers should start coming in soon.

Update II: Looks like Deutch is going to win fairly handily. This is a good lesson for the GOP heading into November that Democrat voters, though they might not like everything that’s going on, may remain party-loyal to a great degree. Yes, the “Massachusetts Miracle” could remain exactly that.

In a district where Dems outnumber Repubs about two-to-one, this isn’t surprising, but we’ll know how many crossover votes there were, if many, once all the ballots are counted.

Author: Doug Powers

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