Help Wanted: Zimbabwe Hangman; High School Diploma Required; Must Be Able to Learn the Ropes Quickly

A lousy economy in the U.S. is causing many people to look for work abroad, so in an effort to assist in that job search, I’m going to start highlighting career opportunities in other countries. Here’s the first one:

Wanted: A hangman. High school education required. No experience necessary.

Zimbabwe’s last executioner retired after carrying out his last execution in 2004. The departure of the hangman, who was said to be struggling with his conscience, leaves about 50 inmates on death row at Chikurubi maximum security prison outside Harare.

Zimbabwe’s government has learned that finding a replacement is not so easy and, according to a prisoners’ advocacy group, it has even prepared a want ad to help its search.
The job requires only a high school education but extra training would seem in order since studies have shown execution by hanging involves knowledge of body weight, human physiology, ropes, knots and basic mechanics.

Shouldn’t that be “hangperson“?

For the “how much vacation do I get?” types, there’s this:

Work for the hangman was spotty. One some days he would execute between two and four prisoners at dawn then months would pass before other hangings were carried out.

So it’s kind of like working for the Post Office on standby time. Apply here.

Author: Doug Powers

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