Those Tea Party Counter-Protesters…

…are not very hard to spot, are they?



Probably the funniest thing about these idiots is that they seem to think they’re counter-culture heroes for bravely speaking up in defense of Big Brother and an administration that keeps two of Bush’s illegal and immoral wars going, extended the dreaded Patriot Act and refuses to close Gitmo. How far the hippies have fallen.

Look at the pictures of the anti-Tea Partiers. Notice anything? They’re all white. It would be fun to counter these people by having a black Tea Partier accuse them of shouting a racial slur at him or her. If they say they didn’t do it, just accuse them of being “n-word deniers.”

In the meantime, the guy who started the “Crash the Tea Party” movement (he’s white too) is a middle school teacher who could lose his job — which would save quite a few young minds from inevitable indoctrination by a lib dickweed:

A state board will investigate whether a Beaverton teacher was on his own time when he was hatching a scheme to discredit conservative activists.

Jason Levin has gotten national attention for a “Crash the Tea Party” Web site that calls for tea party opponents to infiltrate the events and behave outlandishly.

That raised suspicion he was doing political work during schools hours. He’s told KATU-TV that’s not the case.

The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission opened an investigation Wednesday. Melody Hanson, the agency’s director of professional practices, told The Oregonian there was concern over possible neglect of duty.

Author: Doug Powers

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