Gloria Estefan and the Miami Laugh Machine

Singer Gloria Estefan hosted a $30,000 per couple DNC fundraiser at her home in Miami last night, which didn’t exactly thrill some in Miami’s Cuban community.

From where I sit, Estefan, who introduced Obama, should “shut up and sing” as they say, because her grip on political parallels is nonexistent:

My father, a refugee from a country that is still in the stranglehold of the same oppressive government from which he rescued his family, my father, who when leaving for war said to my mother not knowing if he would ever see us again, that in a man’s life there has to be “something” that is worth fighting and dying for and for him that cause was freedom! My father, who would have been very proud to know that his little girl, years later, would be hosting in her very own home, the President of the United States…

And the leader of the country that remains “in the stranglehold of the same oppressive government” just weeks ago praised to the hilt the health care bill recently signed by the president Estefan was hosting.

Castro’s close buddies also got into the act just before the 2008 election:

Luis Lula, Brazil’s socialist President and friend of Castro, has also praised Obama in the days leading to the election, saying that his election would be a “subject of joy in the silent mind of each one of us.”

Gloria, I’m not positive, but I’m not so sure your daddy would be as proud of you at this moment as you like to think.

Author: Doug Powers

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