That Bill Clinton is So Funny… Sometimes

nullHey everybody, the former president whose administration perpetuated a government siege in Waco — one that resulted in many adults and children being burned alive for no reason other than the government didn’t feel like laying back and waiting for David Koresh to head into town to get a Slurpee at 7-11 — is linking the mindset of Timothy McVeigh to the kind of violent actions Tea Party rhetoric could be whipping up.

Clinton does this in an op-ed in the New York Times.

That’s right, Bill Clinton thinks that the only place Teabagging isn’t dangerous is in the Oval Office while standing over a pudgy intern clutching a meat-lovers pizza with extra cheese.

It’s the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s bombing in Oklahoma City, and, not that it matters to Bill Clinton, there isn’t a Tea Partier in the country who didn’t applaud when that murderous wacko was put down and sent to his just reward of an eternity on the tip of Satan’s pitchfork.

Oklahoma City and Waco: One event is a reminder of what isolated pockets of anti-government crazies are capable of, and the other is a reminder of what a big government run amok is willing to do in the name of eliminating those they accuse of being the former.

Bill Clinton asks that we be responsible with our words, and I agree, but he then immediately ignored his own advice by unfairly, and without a shred of evidence, linking the Tea Parties to the likes of Timothy McVeigh. In drawing parallels between peaceful political opposition (nearly 80% of America falls into the “little to no faith in big government” category) and extremist nutburgers, Clinton is in essence hinting that the government might have a right to do something about these Tea Partiers who are allegedly teetering on the brink of extremism. We’ve seen how Clinton has dealt with “extremism” in the past, so I’d rather not know what he’d recommend.

Between Timothy McVeigh, Bill Clinton, and the Tea Partiers, only the latter have no blood on their hands — so spare us the baseless and yes, somewhat humorous accusations, Mr. President.

Author: Doug Powers

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