The Boxer Rebellion: Liberal California Senator Begs Crowd to Get as Excited as Tea Partiers

Now it’s just getting sad… first the libs dismissed the Tea Party protests as irrelevant. Then, when that clearly wasn’t the case, they demonized the Tea Parties as angry mobs of racist, hateful groups of hillbillies, dumbasses and militia types. Now, as the Tea Party effectiveness is being reflected in poll after poll, Barbara Boxer is offering up Tea Partiers as the quintessential models for campaign spirit.

Boxer, who faces a tough re-election battle, recently begged her audience to get as excited as the Tea Partiers. The video concludes with footage of Boxer in August saying Tea Partiers need to quiet down (had the Tea Partiers followed Boxer’s advice, then her audience would have been “just like Tea Partiers”):

Remember last year when Boxer said that Tea Partiers were “too well dressed to be authentic”? Now she wants her supporters to take our clothes.

Boxer had better be careful — if her following of dingbats, nanny-staters and freeloaders actually believe everything that the she’s told them about the Tea Partiers, when Boxer instructs her crowd to be more like Tea Partiers, her voting base just might run out and join the Klan.

The good news is that Obama is heading to California to campaign for Boxer and host a fundraiser — and you know about Obama’s campaign record.

Author: Doug Powers

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