The ‘Frito-Lay Stimulus Plan’: To Legalize or Not to Legalize Pot

Below is Reason TV’s “3 Good Reasons to Legalize Pot.”

I don’t smoke the stuff because I’m a devoted Irishman, and therefore usually too busy drinking to want to waste time rolling a joint (plus lighting it might set my glass of Bacardi 151 on fire), but there are arguments on both sides worth taking into account. For example, nothing seems dumber than having to release rapists from prison early to in part make room for people who got caught smuggling bales of marijuana. This is kind of like letting Jeffrey Dahmer free to make room to put the guy who didn’t pay his parking tickets.

Plus, without pot, somebody wouldn’t have figured out that Dark Side of the Moon sort of syncs up with The Wizard of Oz.

On the “against” side, I’m hesitant to think it’s a good idea to legalize pot just so the government can further cover for their irresponsible ways by giving them yet another thing to tax. Our laws should be based on morals and ethics, not on our fat-assed politicians’ inability to control their spending habits.

And who wants pot that will be “regulated” and ultimately processed by the US government? It’ll cost $250 and ounce and you’d get a better buzz smoking pencil shavings.

In any case, here’s the “3 Reasons” list, to which I’d add a 4th item: “It seems rather silly that killing your unborn baby is a “legal and very personal choice” but you can get sent to jail for smoking pot:

Author: Doug Powers

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