Noted Snake-Lizard-Gollum Looking Creature Calls Palin and Santorum ‘Reptiles’


Does James Carville not own a mirror, or does he actually know he’s in a glass house throwing ugly?

James Carville upped the rhetoric against Republicans today, calling Sarah Palin and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) “reptiles.”

In a fundraising letter for the DCCC, Carville blasts Palin and Santorum for campaigning for the Republican candidate in the special election to replace late Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.).

“First there was Sarah Palin. Now we can add another Republican reptile from the past trying to help the GOP win House races this year – former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum,” Carville said.

Carl Jung referred to this kind of thing as “transferrence.” He also referred to Creature from the Liberal Lagoon Carville in psychological terms as “one ugly mo-fo.”

In a related story, Michael Moore has called Palin “a fatass” and Alec Baldwin referred to Santorum as “unstable.”

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

Author: Doug Powers

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