‘Save Are Teachers!’

There are websites that mock mis-spellings of protest signs, from immigration rallies to Tea Parties, but there’s no more pathetic sign mis-spelling than one that’s on the protest sign of a language arts teacher’s student with the teacher right there leading the charge.

Via Cassy Fiano, here’s a real gem from an Iowa teacher/student protest of planned Iowa budget cuts to education:


There’s no better way to justify your language teacher’s job, is there?

Watch the video and lose whatever faith you had left, if any, in our public educational system as the teacher rallies her students, including the “Save Are Teachers” (it might as well say “you want fries with that?”) pupil, to chant “Show us the money!” (they left out the “mmm mmm mmm” part)

It’s one thing to protest budget cuts, but another to drag your class out there to protest with you and waste time that is obviously much more needed giving grammar lessons.

I shouldn’t mock the “Save Are Teachers” student — we may well be looking at the next president of the Detroit School Board.

Author: Doug Powers

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