Bolivian President Who Believes the Science is Settled on Climate Change Warns that Eating Chicken Will Make Men Gay and Bald

Now I’m even more inclined to believe that Evo Morales has a firm grip on his climate science. Based on his obvious expertise in other science disciplines, who are we to doubt him?

President of Bolivia Evo Morales, who is considered a champion of gay rights in Latin America, angered gay-friendly organizations last week after stating that eating genetically modified chicken leads to both homosexuality and baldness in men.

Morales made his comments during a recent climate summit in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

“The chicken we eat is loaded with feminine hormones. For this reason, eating this chicken leads to disorders in men,” Morales said. “In Europe, all men are bald, and it’s because of what they eat. You don’t see bald men among the indigenous peoples.”
The climate summit in Cochabamba ended with a call for the creation of a “climate court to sue countries and businesses that do not meet their goals for reducing carbon emissions.”

Well, why don’t we just make the consumption of genetically modified chicken mandatory? Eventually, we’ll all turn gay, no kids will be born, and the population that’s causing all this climate change will dwindle and eventually die off. Earth saved!

Author: Doug Powers

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