Larry ‘You Kids Get Offa My Shawn!’ King Jokes About Moose Shooting at Palin’s Helicopter

Remember when the left was in a tizzy because Sarah Palin’s PAC had bullseyes on the districts the GOP was targeting in 2010? Such an image promoting gun violence, even metaphorically, was just terrible, they said.

Nobody on that side will say a word though about Larry “you kids get off my Shawn!” King joking with Michael Moore about the moose shooting back at Palin’s helecopter:

KING: … Sarah Palin, why is she so polarizing?

MOORE: Well, first of all, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her standing up for what she believes in. And a lot of people like what she believes in. And, fortunately, the majority of the country doesn’t like what she believes in.

KING: How do you explain the phenomenon?

MOORE: Because we’re a big country. If you got 309 million people, it’s very possible that there’s a good 100 million that are going to want to, you know, shoot moose from a helicopter or whatever else that they think that’s cool that she does.

KING: You think 100 million people want to shoot moose from a-?

MOORE: I think they find that pretty hot that she’s doing that.

KING: I think that there’s 100 million moose who’d like to shoot up to the helicopter.

Imagine if Glenn Beck made a similar “joke” about animals shooting at Nancy Pelosi (not that it would happen, because hooved animals rarely harm their own).

But apparently Larry finds it pretty hot, too — because he wants Palin to pose for Playboy.


“Imajerkinov, Alaska, hello…”

Author: Doug Powers

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