Nancy Pelosi Makes the Cover of ‘What She Might Look Like After You’ve Had 14 Vodka Tonics’ Magazine

Alright, the real name of the magazine is Capitol File, but still, I hope Nancy’s plastic surgeon takes the credit that should instead go to CFs Photoshop guy who obviously put in a long night’s work:


From the Washington Examiner:

If you haven’t managed to score a copy of the May/June 2010 edition of Capitol File magazine (typically flanked on every table or bathroom at any D.C. social function) you’ll notice the cover girl Nancy Pelosi looking particularly young.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki of Luxxery Medical Boutique in Waldorf, Md., said although he believes Pelosi has had work done (specifically Botox of the frown lines, fat injections, a mini face-lift), the image is not the product of additional plastic surgery.

Yeah, no kidding. Liz Taylor’s White Diamonds ad was less digitally enhanced than this.

I think this is the same Photoshopper who did Michelle Obama’s Good Housekeeping cover, except he had to use a little more hard drive space for Nancy’s picture.

Oh well, regardless, Rahm seems to dig the natural version:


(h/t JammieWearingFool)

Author: Doug Powers

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