The ‘April Fool’: Suckling of the Week

If the DNC needs a new spokesman at any time, they should hire this guy:

“The ride for the rich people in this country is over, it’s their turn to pay” …Health care is “paid for” and the “poor people and the working people who carry this country, are finally gonna get some justice.”

The poor people and the working people are finally gonna get unemployed and live in a third-world country if we follow the line of reasoning (or lack thereof) that has also permeated Washington, DC.

Here he is in all his gory in a video shot over the weekend at a “Counter Tea Party Protest” in Searchlight, Nevada:

My dog thinks more clearly than this dry-humper of the public trough. This is funny — he claims to be part of the group of people who “carry the country” while simultaneously looking to jump on any back he can find for a nice, free ride. If the poor people and working people carry the country, Sparky, then why aren’t the rich begging you for stuff instead of vice-versa?

Naturally, all that taking everything from the rich and giving it to others does is make the rich go find a country in which to keep their money that actually welcomes their wealth, which leaves whatever country they were in an impoverished toilet. At that point, this guy will be running around even worse off than he is now looking for somebody else to blame for his own failings. Try a mirror, buddy.

Here’s an “percentage of income vs. percentage of federal taxes paid” graphic from a 2007 Wall Street Journal article that I’m sure the guy in the video wouldn’t be able to comprehend or care about:


“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” — Magaret Thatcher