Swastikas Made of Refried Beans Smeared on Arizona Capitol Windows; Bush’s Fault


If a Tea Partier were suspected of doing this, it would be the lead “proof of right-wing hatred and vitriol” story on Olbermann tonight, but instead it’ll be reported as an innocent group of people being denied basic human rights who have been forced to resort to perpetuating a stereotype about themselves:

The conflict over a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona intensified Monday as vandals smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the state Capitol’s windows.

More protests were planned Monday after thousands gathered this weekend to demonstrate against a bill that will make it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona.

Ah, the tolerant left. It’s funny how the Arizona Gov and other politicians who support the law are being portrayed as Nazis. How do they think Hitler would have dealt with illegals? A lot different than it’s being dealt with now.

The words “make it a crime to be an illegal…” says everything we need to know about how far the USA has fallen, and that it’s actually controversial speaks volumes more.

Why is this happening? You guessed it — Bush’s fault:


Update: A new poll finds that 60% of Americans agree with verifying immigrant status. Only 31% agree with Obama and his fellow leftists. Obama doesn’t care about that because we’re talking about too many potential Democrat voters here to make the libs/lefties give a damn about the law. Team Obama’s motto is “They’re illegal, but not illegal illegal…”

Update II: San Francisco City Attorney calls for the people in his city to boycott Arizona, which could of course cause irreparable damage the throw-pillow industry that built Phoenix.

West Virginia Miners Memorial Service Turns Into Obama Campaign Rally

This brings back memories of Paul Wellstone’s memorial service — except in that case at least the decedent was in fact in politics and those carrying out the disrespectful display were fellow politicians who couldn’t manage to remove themselves from campaign mode long enough to get through an entire memorial service.

This is just plain sad. Notice at no point does Obama try to quiet the crowd and remind them that the somber occasion isn’t about him (pause for laughter):

There’s no better way to mourn the loss of many families loved ones by having some jackass yell “WE LOVE YOU BARACK OBAMA!” during their memorial service.

At least he didn’t try to sell anybody an Obama t-shirt — as far as I know.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

‘Save Are Teachers!’

There are websites that mock mis-spellings of protest signs, from immigration rallies to Tea Parties, but there’s no more pathetic sign mis-spelling than one that’s on the protest sign of a language arts teacher’s student with the teacher right there leading the charge.

Via Cassy Fiano, here’s a real gem from an Iowa teacher/student protest of planned Iowa budget cuts to education:


There’s no better way to justify your language teacher’s job, is there?

Watch the video and lose whatever faith you had left, if any, in our public educational system as the teacher rallies her students, including the “Save Are Teachers” (it might as well say “you want fries with that?”) pupil, to chant “Show us the money!” (they left out the “mmm mmm mmm” part)

It’s one thing to protest budget cuts, but another to drag your class out there to protest with you and waste time that is obviously much more needed giving grammar lessons.

I shouldn’t mock the “Save Are Teachers” student — we may well be looking at the next president of the Detroit School Board.

‘Chance Encounters’ With the President

The White House website’s “Photo of the Day” is this — and if you can’t see the caption, it says: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have a chance encounter with other hikers while walking along a trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Asheville, N.C., April 23, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Wow… security is pretty lax these days if just anybody can wander up to the president… by sheer chance. Just for kicks I was hoping these people turned out to be the Salahis, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I wonder how much these random hikers had to donate to the cause for the opportunity to have this completely “chance encounter”?

Obama looks more like he hit an errant shot at the golf course and he’s looking for his ball than a “hiker,” doesn’t he? But the good news is that Obama’s teleprompter managed to earn its Eagle Scout Merit Badge for hiking while they were there, so it was a productive vacation.

I heard the staff sent Biden snipe hunting, so Joe’s still out in the woods somewhere as of this morning.

Tea Party Protesters Greet William Ayers in Fresno (Protesters? I Thought Tea Partiers Were Anti-Government Terrorists Too?)

This quote from the news story below says everything we need to know about the state of some institutions of higher learning: “Back in the 1970’s he bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon and some other buildings… he is now a college professor.”

The location of Ayers’ speech was moved from a government office building downtown to another location once the government remembered that Ayers has a penchant for bombing government office buildings.

One hundred people attended, and there were about 50 “Tea Partiers” protesting Ayers. The left needs to ask themselves why Tea Party types protested Ayers. Doesn’t the left call Tea Partiers “terrorists”? Doesn’t the left often refer to Tea Partiers as “anti-government”? If these accusations were true, the Tea Party would have been inside the building taking copius notes and nodding in agreement as Ayers spoke, but they certainly weren’t:

But of course Ayers claims he wasn’t a terrorist because “we never threatened to kill people, we never killed people.” Here’s the dictionary definition of “terrorist”:

ter·ror·ist [ter-er-ist]
1.a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.
2.a person who terrorizes or frightens others

That doesn’t say anything about having to threaten to kill or actually kill to qualify for the “terrorist” label. I’m assuming that someone who takes part in setting off bombs did at least frighten somebody.

I wonder what the Obama-lovers (Ayers was at one time, but he’s since been jilted) who are caressing the president’s Nobel Peace Prize think about Ayers saying “we need an anti-war movement now more than ever”?

(h/t HotAirPundit)

Archie Comics Introduces Gay Character; Riverdale Theater Scene Revitalized


At least they didn’t make it too obvious…

Oh well, Batman had Robin, and now Archie has Kevin Keller:

(CNN) — Riverdale High School, the stomping ground of comic book legend Archie Andrews, will open its doors to its first openly gay student.

Kevin Keller will be the new student to join Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty and Reggie, Archie Comics publications announced Thursday.

“The introduction of Kevin is just about keeping the world of Archie Comics current and inclusive. Archie’s hometown of Riverdale has always been a safe world for everyone. It just makes sense to have an openly gay character in Archie comic books,” said Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics co-CEO.

Kevin will make his entrance in the comic book in September.

Honestly, I was under the impression that the comic already had a gay character — I thought Archie came out of the closet decades ago:


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Gay Brothel Entrepreneur/US Congressman Blames SEC Porn Scandal on Republicans

Well, naturally a lack of regard for federal regulation apparently perpetuated by the GOP would lead to SEC employees surfing porn on work computers instead of monitoring Bernie Madoff! It’s just common sense.

Frank doesn’t explain how his love of federal regulation didn’t prevent him from running a gay brothel out of his apartment, but I didn’t expect Andrea Mitchell to be that inquisitive.

Click the pic to go to Real Clear Politics and watch the brief but laughable exchange:


For the record, the GOP kind of denies that it’s their fault.

Obama Suddenly Against Intruding Into People’s Lives, Provided They’re Here Illegally


Watch out, Arizona is thinking about having the audacity to enforce a common-sense law, which must mean somebody’s rights are being violated:

President Barack Obama on Thursday criticized a pending Arizona law that would make it a state crime to be in the United States illegally and require anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant to produce identification.

Such legislation could “threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans,” the president said during a naturalization ceremony for members of the United States Armed Services.

No, what it threatens to undermine is the basic notion of Democrats wanting to get the votes of millions of illegals because increasing numbers of legal American voters are turning on them and they know it.

Requiring people suspected of being illegal to produce ID undermines the notion of fairness, but forcing legal citizens to purchase a product they may not need or want does not undermine the notion of fairness. Taking money and property from one person and giving it to another does not undermine the notion of fairness. Forcing legal citizens to pay to bail out Wall Street firms that donate millions to the man forcing taxpayers to bail out Wall Street does not undermine the notion of fairness. Forcing legal citizens to pay for the health care and welfare of illegal aliens does not undermine the notion of fairness.

Hey America, want Obama to fight for you to be left alone? Want Obama to fight to protect your rights and privacy? Then rescind your US citizenship, leave the country, and sneak back in as an illegal alien.

Then again, since illegal aliens don’t pay taxes, maybe Obama just wants a ready pool of potential cabinet members on standby.