Happy Memorial Day

We’re off soon to our local Memorial Day parade, but I wanted to send some words of appreciation to those who serve, have served, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may remain free.

I have a new post at Michelle’s site, partly about my cousin who was killed in Vietnam, but mostly in appreciation of all service members past and present.

Have a good day and don’t forget to honor our heroes!

‘What’chu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Diane?’ — Congress Takes on the Pressing Issues, Part XXVII

California Rep. Diane Watson (D-iff’rentStrokes) spent her floor speech time last week addressing the tough issues.

Click the pic to watch our nation’s problems being solved — but at least I did learn that Gary Coleman was “born in Illinoizz” and was reminded twice that he was “short in statue.” The best and brightest are truly in charge:


(h/t HotAir)

Wake-Up Call for Peggy Noonan

In the past couple of years, I never could figure out for what reason or reasons the left and many even on the right had for praising Barack Obama’s competence and intelligence. That’s not a slam on Obama, it’s just that there is simply no part of Obama’s past that anyone can point to — with the obvious exception of successful political campaigns (that’s all a lot of successful politicians are good at) — to demonstrate that he could successfully run a lemonade stand or organize groups of people to do anything except instigate, agitate, demonize and discredit.

“Intelligent”? How do we know? They won’t even release his college transcripts.

“Competent”? This is a man who can’t go to the bathroom with out a teleprompter.

This is why Peggy Noonan’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, “He was supposed to be competent,” is comical. Peggy, you see, was one of the early Kool Aid drinkers who is now waking up laughably late.

I like Peggy Noonan, but if she thought that Barack Obama was as exceedingly competent and superiorly intelligent as his lap-dog media painted him to be, she’s not nearly as bright as I once gave her credit for — and that’s not the president’s fault.

(Note: I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to post here this weekend, but, like Robert Gibbs talking about the Sestak mess, I lied)

Proof-Positive Obama’s Been Hanging Around Bill Clinton Too Much

The Wall Street Journal story on Obama’s touch & go to the Gulf region earlier today caught me with the headline, “Obama gets lesson on tar balls,” but there’s also evidence contained therein that the president’s been hanging around Bill Clinton too much:

New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes was skeptical: “Can you be sure these oil tar balls are from the oil spill? Because when I used to swim on the Gulf in Texas, I’d get tar balls in my bathing suit all the time.”

Allen and Randolph, the parish president, confirmed that tar balls do wash up at other times, though these, they said, were likely from the spill.

But the president was distracted. “At some point, Jackie, we’ll want to hear more about those tar balls and your bathing suit,” Obama said, as reporters laughed.

Yeah… anyway, back to the looming huge disaster…

Oil Leak: What’s Next?

I’ll be out the rest of the day, and over the weekend you’ll probably be able to catch me at Michelle Malkin’s site — and I’ll be here when possible too.

Until I get back, here’s a rather unsettling discussion between two oil industry experts on what’s being done, what hasn’t been done that should have been done, and what might end up happening with the oil leak in the Gulf.

A few minutes in, there’s a conversation about the Navy possibly putting a bomb in the well to try and blow it up. Yikes:

Meanwhile, President Obama spent three hours in the Gulf region today — or about 60% of the time it takes to play a round of golf.

Creepy Palin Stalker Neighbor Guy Threatens to Call Cops on Reporter

I’m thinking that Joe McGinniss’s stunt may well end up falling into the “epic backfire” category before too long. He can say “You’re trespassing” from behind closed doors, but I hope he’s stocked up on supplies for the entire summer, because if he has to head into town for groceries, he’s fair game for questions — and hopefully Todd Palin just “happens” to be shopping at the same time.

One Wasilla resident who was interviewed in this story sums up how I feel about the situation: “A little creepy…”

The saga continues:

Bobby Jindal Says All We Need to Know About the Dangers of Over Federalization

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and everybody else in the state are desperate to begin cleaning up the ever-increasing messes of crude oil along the shoreline, but they can’t because they’re still waiting for the federal government permits.

Speaking with Anderson Cooper from an oil-covered marsh, Jindal asked the government to “approve this emergency permit, let us to help ourselves.”

“Let us help ourselves”? Maybe Governor Jindal has been to busy to notice our long slide into nanny-statism that not only discourages self-reliance, but has outlawed it in many cases. The federal government thinks that a good sitter should never allow the baby to change his own diaper — even if he’s been sitting in his own s*#t for a month.

When the leak is stopped (reports are that the “top kill” method is working) and the mess is being cleaned up in the coming months, as many people as possible need to be reminded that the shoreline might not have been as bad if local officials hadn’t had their hands tied by DC red tape for a senselessly long period of time.

That said, ironically, we all know that the “solution” will involve even heavier federal regulations.

(h/t Hot Air Pundit)

Sarah Palin Builds Anti Creepy Stalker Guy Fence

Creepy, Palin-obsessed stalker-guy writer Joe McGinniss rented the house next door to the Palin family so he could spy on them for an upcoming book, but he’s going to have to do it from atop a ladder now, which will make it a lot more difficult to balance the note pad, camera, Jergens and box of Kleenex:

I’m sure McGinniss will now run to City Hall and spend a week feverishly researching if the Palins obtained the proper building permits.

A larger pic of the fence is here.

Michelle Malkin nominates Todd Palin for Border Czar.

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