GM Loan ‘Payoff’ Explained

GM (Government Motors) recently ran an ad on television (that you and I paid for, as we came to find out) in which the company CEO bragged about how quickly GM paid off their bailout loan:

Gee, that was easy, wasn’t it? Yeah, way too easy. This guy should run for Congress — he’d fit right in with a bunch of people who use taxpayer cash to construct buildings and then name them after themselves.

Here’s how GM actually “repaid” the loan, simply explained:

If you’re a taxpayer who bought a GM car, call the company, ask to speak to the CEO, and tell him he should return the favor and let you repay your car loan with GM money (make sure to also ask for enough cash from GM so you can buy an ad to brag about how you, miraculously and against all odds, repaid your car loan way ahead of schedule).

(h/t HotAir)

Author: Doug Powers

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