Send in the Clowns: Napolitano ‘Considering’ That the NYC Car Bomb Could Be Act of Terrorism


I tell ya, nothing gets by Swifty Napolitano:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday morning that the administration is “certainly considering” that the car bomb found in New York’s Times Square could be an act of terror.
“We’re certainly considering it now that it could be an act of terrorism or was intended to be an act of terrorism,” Napolitano said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Terrorism”? Doesn’t she mean “man-caused disaster”? When did Napolitano start breaking her own rule?

Hmm, cylinders of propane gas, fireworks and cans of gasoline wired to electronic detonators might lead an experienced law enforcement official to be fairly certain that terrorism was the intent — but fortunately Napolitano’s judgement isn’t clouded by experience. This woman makes Barney Fife look like Dirty Harry.

Credit where credit is due — at least Janet didn’t get mixed up and send the oil spill cleanup equipment to New York City and the bomb squad to the Gulf of Mexico. She couldn’t, because she just found out the Defense Department even has oil spill cleanup equipment.

Police are also investigating a possible South Park connection, because the bomb was placed near Viacom’s offices, which owns the show that was threatened by a Muslim group.

Let’s not forget that it was also May Day, when a bunch of anti-American commies and their celebutard accomplices were marching to legalize illegals.

We won’t know much more until Napolitano runs out of ways to try to figure out how to pin this attempted car bombing on a “Teabagger,” talk radio, or both.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg is taking to the airwaves on all the Sunday morning news shows to assure nervous New Yorkers that there is no evidence the car bomb contained salt.

Update: Coincidence? Explosive device found on the planned route of the Pittsburgh marathon.

Update II: Via Hot Air, a “Taliban commander” in Pakistan is allegedly claming credit for the “recent attack in the USA.”

Author: Doug Powers

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