Coulter: Obama a Better Comedian Than President

The problem with Obama isn’t that he’s necessarily a better comedian than he is a president — it’s that it’s hard to tell which role he’s playing at any given time.

The funniest part about this Coulter clip with Geraldo is that Al Sharpton thought Obama’s set was funny. But some of Obama’s jokes were mocking people who accuse Obama of being a socialist — and Sharpton is one of them.

From where I sit, those “jokes” would only be funny if Obama was not in fact a socialist, because they would highlight how silly the opposition is for making the claim.

In other words, Obama making jokes about socialism is like Patrick Kennedy making jokes about the people who said he wrecked his car near the Capitol: The jokes only “work” if there was never a car accident.

In any case, most of us would be a little funnier too if we had a team of writers from the Daily Show doing our jokes for us. Take it away, Ann:

(h/t Freedoms Lighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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