CNN Anchors Host Pity-Party for the ‘Financial Pressure’ the NYC Muslim/Democrat Car Bomber Was Under

Let’s be fair, if the person arrested for attempting to set off a car bomb in Times Square had been a “Teabagger,” the media would also be throwing a pity-party for the financial pressure the perp was under and offering it as an acceptable excuse for his crime (pause for laughter).

The remaining question is that if those explosives had detonated and innocent people were killed, would these two dopes still be sitting there saying “Yeah, but he had mortgage problems, poor fella”?

What a difference it can make when the liberal media finds out the perp is a Democrat and a Muslim instead of a “right wing extremist”:

Maybe if Faisal Shahzad would have used the money he spent on propane tanks, fertilizer, gasoline, an SUV and a plane ticket to Dubai to pay his mortgage instead he wouldn’t have had any problems! (If “financial pressure” leads to terrorism, look for CNN to be strapping on the belt bombs at some point in the near future)

Certain MSNBC hosts are also frustrated that the would-be bomber is a Muslim instead of a Teabagger.

So deep is the hatred of the Tea Party movement that we now have some liberals not lamenting terrorism, but simply wishing it would be carried out by a different group of people just so they can have the opportunity to demonize the Tea Party. What quality human beings.

This just in from CNN: Osama Bin Laden once had his bike stolen when he was a kid not once, but twice — awwww.

Author: Doug Powers

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