Non-Shocker: Rosalynn ‘Mrs. Malaise’ Carter Says US Needs to Change Policies So Terrorists Don’t Want To Kill Americans

Rosalynn Carter was on Fox News this morning hawking her book about mental illness (write about what you’ve been most exposed to) called “Within Our Reach.” In the late 70’s, Rosalynn’s brother-in-law wrote a book with the same title — except Billy’s “Within Our Reach” was about his childhood spent trying to climb up to the top shelf of the fridge where daddy kept the PBR.

In any case, during the interview, Carter was asked, if US policies prompt attacks against the US, what the US should do about it. Her answer: “Change policies.”

Genius! With this level of the global political equivalent of Abused Spouse Syndrome I can’t believe she hasn’t won a Nobel Peace Prize yet:

I don’t know if Rosalynn has noticed, but there’s a “New Hope” president now doing a global outreach and offering up formerly tightly held nuclear secrets, so we sort of have “changed policies” and they still seem to hate us.

But the interview did provide us with the winner of the “Unintentionally truthful news program graphic of the week”:


Meanwhile, the USS Jimmy Carter continues to patrol the high seas, accompanied by a friend (is that really there? Only Jimmah knows for sure):


Author: Doug Powers

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