The Government’s ‘Cash for Jihad’ Program: Census Bureau Leases Office Space from Radical Mosque


I’ve heard of providing aid and comfort to the enemy, but our illustrious government even provides them with cash courtesy of the people they’re trying to wipe out:

Federal law enforcement officials call it a front for Hamas terrorists which “has been under numerous investigations for financing and [providing] aid and comfort to bad orgs and members.”

The U.S. Census Bureau calls it landlord.

In gearing up for the 2010 Census, the General Services Administration (GSA) leased office space throughout the country. One location is a 6,654 square foot section of a two-story building on Edsall Road in Alexandria, Va. owned by the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque. The United States government is spending $582,000, or about $23,000 per month, to lease the space from November 2008 through the end of this year.
Federal law enforcement officials have become well acquainted with Dar al-Hijrah over the years.

It was home to radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, today considered the inspiration to Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hassan and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man who tried to detonate an explosive in his underpants on a flight to Detroit Christmas Day. Reports also indicate that Times Square attempted bomber Faisal Shahzad was inspired in part by Awlawki.

In February, Dar Al-Hijrah hosted a fundraiser for Sabri Benkahla, who is serving a 10-year federal prison sentence after being convicted in 2007 for obstruction of justice, perjury before a grand jury, and making false official statements to the FBI in the course of an investigation into the Virginia Jihad terror cell.

Other mosque founders and officials have been implicated in Hamas-support efforts.

One founder, Ismail Elbarasse, was an assistant to Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. It was in Elbarasse’s former home in Northern Virginia that FBI agents found a trove of internal documents from the Palestine Committee, a Hamas-support network in America created by the Muslim Brotherhood

I wonder, since the Mosque gets federal dollars, if the government goes in there to tell them they can’t pray before meals. I didn’t think so either.

Hopefully the proximity to radicals doesn’t rub off on any Census workers, or they might start breaking the law.

Author: Doug Powers

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