Term Limits, God-Style: Oldest Congress in History Hangs in There

It’s a shame that usually we have to wait for God to implement term limits when in fact voters should have done it long ago, but, like Energizer Bunnies with walkers and our money, they keep spending on, and on, and on

In terms of old geezers, this Congress is setting all kinds of records.

In February 2009, 83-year-old Rep. John Dingell, Michigan Democrat, became the longest-serving House member in history. In November, 92-year-old Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia Democrat, became the longest-serving member of Congress, period. And it’s not just those two. This is the oldest Congress measured by its average age since records have been kept.

Byrd won’t retire until his “old body just gives out and drops!” That’s what he said in 2007, trying to ward off the vultures circling his appropriations committee chairmanship. He has since relinquished the gavel to 85-year-old Sen. Daniel Inouye, Hawaii Democrat.

Byrd hasn’t dropped yet, but his age is clearly catching up with him. He has missed the most votes, 42 percent, of any sitting senator this Congress, going away for long spells in the hospital for “infections” and other ailments. And his public speeches have become the laughing stock of Senate aides, who flock to televisions whenever he appears, calling it “Byrd watching.”

The whole story about an aging Congress is here. It’s getting bad — Arlen Specter has even forgotten which party he belongs to, and I’m sure the Democrats wish they could forget as well.

You know, there’s a point where, for the good of everybody else, people are forced to give up their car keys — but for some reason doddering congressional geezers are still allowed to drive the country. But as John Dingell says, “You’re never too old to control the people!”

The halls of Congress have essentially turned into a nursing home, so don’t worry about members like Robert Byrd, because he has plenty of assistance:


And the aides even help carry all his stuff, which is nice of them:


Author: Doug Powers

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