Reminder: 2 Months Before Obama Praised Gov. Granholm’s Small Business Incentives, She Gave a Convicted Embezzler a $9.1 Million Tax Credit

It was yesterday at a meeting in Washington about Obama’s agenda for small business in America that the president praised the “great work” that the governor is doing in Michigan in the area of tax credits and other incentives for small businesses in Michigan.

“Great work” indeed:

“But… but… it was an administrative error and she never really knew him!”

Yeah, whatever:


The governor who claims to be trying to lure business to the state also gives tax incentives to Michael Moore to make his corporation-bashing films here.

“Bring your business to our state while we’re giving tax breaks to a hypocritical lard-ass who might end up bashing your company!” There are better messages that could be sent, but we should expect no less from one of Obama’s brilliant economic advisors.

Author: Doug Powers

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