Bobby Jindal Says All We Need to Know About the Dangers of Over Federalization

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and everybody else in the state are desperate to begin cleaning up the ever-increasing messes of crude oil along the shoreline, but they can’t because they’re still waiting for the federal government permits.

Speaking with Anderson Cooper from an oil-covered marsh, Jindal asked the government to “approve this emergency permit, let us to help ourselves.”

“Let us help ourselves”? Maybe Governor Jindal has been to busy to notice our long slide into nanny-statism that not only discourages self-reliance, but has outlawed it in many cases. The federal government thinks that a good sitter should never allow the baby to change his own diaper — even if he’s been sitting in his own s*#t for a month.

When the leak is stopped (reports are that the “top kill” method is working) and the mess is being cleaned up in the coming months, as many people as possible need to be reminded that the shoreline might not have been as bad if local officials hadn’t had their hands tied by DC red tape for a senselessly long period of time.

That said, ironically, we all know that the “solution” will involve even heavier federal regulations.

(h/t Hot Air Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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