Because When You Get Hired As a Hooters Waitress, You Don’t Expect It To Be All About Looks

From the “She probably also thinks that the reason Hooters calls it ‘More than a Mouthful Mondays’ has something to with the size of the cheeseburgers” file, we find this:

Hooters of America is to speak out today against a lawsuit filed by a Roseville woman who said her civil rights were violated when she was placed on probation to lose weight last month.

Hooters executives from headquarters in Atlanta, along with Hooters waitresses, will hold a press conference at 10:45 a.m. at Hooters of Roseville, 32976 Gratiot. [note: 17 reporters, all male, were seriously injured in a pre-conference media stampede to get closest to the podium — DP]

Cassie Smith, 20, claims in a lawsuit filed in Macomb County Circuit Court that managers and corporate employees at the restaurant chain threatened to fire her if she didn’t lose enough weight during a 30-day probation period to fit into a size extra-small uniform. She said she was offered a gym membership.

Hooters’ spokespeople in Atlanta denied anyone from the company or restaurant asked Smith to lose weight and said waitresses aren’t held to a weight standard. It claims she was never placed on probation.

Who’s telling the truth? Perhaps the conversation went something like this:

Author: Doug Powers

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