Reason #52 Obama is Like Jimmy Carter

This morning I once again heard somebody compare President Obama to Jimmy Carter, so I decided to consider a few things that have gone on since Obama’s been president.

Struggling economy? Check.
High unemployment?
Trouble with Iran? Check.
Oil crisis? Check.
Appeasement as a national defense strategy? Check.
Embarrassing brother? Check, and re-check:

The brother of President Obama has been refused a visa to re-enter Britain after being questioned by police over an accusation of attempted sexual assault and receiving a caution for a public order offence.

Samson Obama — one of the US President’s 11 half-brothers and sisters — is alleged to have been living illegally in Britain when he was arrested in Berkshire last November. A group of girls, one aged 13, told police a man approached them and followed them into a café a mile from the home of Samson Obama’s mother in Bracknell.

And we can even go one step further… Embarrassing drunk brother? You guessed it — Check:

President Obama’s stepbrother-in-law, Ian Manners, said that Samson Obama insisted that the allegations linking him to a sex attack were “absolute lies”. Mr Obama told him: “I was involved in a pub fight which had nothing to do with any young girls.”

Mr Obama, who runs a mobile telephone shop in Nairobi, claimed he could not recall why the fight occurred.

“It seems he was drunk but I don’t really know what the truth is,” said Mr Manners “Abo is not married but is in a relationship with a woman. He is a bit of a playboy but would not get involved with 13-year-old girls. It is unthinkable.”

The president should be careful or Jimmah’s going to sue him for copyright infringement.

Author: Doug Powers

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