Was Obama in the 1993 ‘Whoomp There It Is’ Video?

That’s what’s going around now. I report, you decide.

From HotAirPundit, keep a close eye on the 1:01 mark of the video:

Here’s a still shot:


And a more current picture:


Looks awfully close, doesn’t it? Nose, ear shape, teeth, everything is a good match. And Obama is a rap/hip hop fan as we know (here’s something I wrote a while back about why Obama likes Jay Z’s lyrics). If that’s not Obama, it’s this guy.

One interesting item to note. The guy in the video is wearing a Compton hat, and Compton was the first city in California to name a school after Barack Obama. Coincidence? Whoomp, there it is!

We now return you to something that actually matters in the big picture…

Author: Doug Powers

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