Who’s to Blame for the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ Deaths? You Guessed it

George W. Bush is a real multi-tasker — while he was busy ending the marriage of Al and Tipper Gore and causing the Gulf oil spill, he was also causing Israeli commandos to kill some terrorist blockade-runners (aka “peace activists”).

From Newsbusters:

But that didn’t stop CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, also the editor of Newsweek International. On his June 6 show “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Zakaria pointed out the pivotal role Turkey played in last week’s deadly Gaza flotilla raid.

“Turkey was also playing a new and potentially dangerous game here,” Zakaria said. “Despite being physically and historically connected to Europe, Turkey is increasingly playing a role that distances itself from those roots. Once a strong U.S. ally, a founding member of NATO, Turkey now often looks more like a troublemaker than a friend.”

Why has Turkey become a “troublemaker?” According to Zakaria, first the Europeans are in part to blame for not admitting Turkey into the European Union, even though the European Union is suffering by allowing a weak Greece admission in the past.

“Having begged for membership in European Union, having fulfilled every condition placed on it by Brussels, Turkey has been repeatedly rebuffed and humiliated by Europe so now the Turks have seem to have decided to go their own way,” Zakaria said.

“The United States for its part did not handle Turkish relations well, especially under the previous administration,” Zakaria said. “The Bush team treated Turkey with the usual mixture of arrogance and high-handedness and then was outraged when the Turkish parliament refused to go along with its war plans in Iraq. Then they repeatedly snubbed Turkey over the next few years.”

Sounds like Bush has more power out of office than he ever did in office.

Won’t it be hilarious if Newsmax buys Newsweek? Sure, Zakaria would blame Bush for it, but it’d be worth it.

Author: Doug Powers

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