Grand Opening of the Gay Meth-Head Reformed Church

Who would go into a barn with Ted Haggard? As it turns out, 160 people would:

Nearly four years after being fired from his previous church, Ted Haggard returned to the pulpit on Sunday as a “changed” man and with a new church.

Some 160 people gathered in a barn next to Haggard’s home in Colorado Springs, for the first service of St. James Church, according to The Gazette.

Haggard called it his “Easter morning” as he resurrected into a pastoral role.

Since 2006 when a former male prostitute claimed the well-known pastor had paid him for sex and had also taken methamphetamines, Haggard has been rebuilding his life with his wife, Gayle, and his family.
He has stressed that St. James is a church for sinners and that everyone is welcome to attend.

I’d be afraid to touch the collection plate.

Ted took down the “We bend over backwards to welcome all comers” sign outside after a reminder call from his rehab counselor.

Author: Doug Powers

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