Dude Looks Like a Prom Queen

Charlie Ferrusi and Tim Howard were voted prom King and Queen at Hudson High School.

Naturally, ABC News was on the story:

“Hudson High, typical school with a typical senior prom, but not your every day prom king and queen,” began an unidentified reporter.

“Meet Charlie Ferrusi and Tim Howard, class of 2010 prom royalty.”

As the piece continued, an unidentified man said, “These are the kids that Dr. Martin Luther King was talking about. They don’t see each other as black and white or gay and straight.”

These are the kids Martin Luther King was talking about? I’m borderline libertarian on lots of things — I don’t care who or what people do in their own homes as long as they don’t ask the rest of us to either look at or to pay for the consequences if something goes wrong — but no, I don’t think MLK’s march on Washington was intended to culminate in two dudes being the prom King and Queen.

“I have a dream that one day Charlie and Tim will be allowed to dance cheek-to-cheek at the high school prom while a low-budget DJ plays ‘Babe’ by Styx.”

Remember when an Iraq veteran wanted to take his sister to the prom and couldn’t? The guy should have put a mustache on his sister and called her “Dave” and the school no doubt would have backed down:

Author: Doug Powers

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