No Pleasing Some People: John Kerry on a Quest to Make Hybrid and Electric Cars Noisier

With the oil spill continuing, economy struggling, the national debt setting a new record every day and terror attacks being continually plotted, it’s nice to know that Senator Kerry has had enough:


The story:

Kerry is pushing a proposal aimed at helping protect blind pedestrians who rely on their hearing to safely cross streets.

The proposal would authorize the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to establish a minimum sound requirement for hybrid and electric vehicles to alert pedestrians to their approach.

The Senate Commerce Committee has passed the plan, which Kerry first introduced last year.

Kerry pointed to a study that he said found hybrid electric vehicles were twice as likely to be involved in an accident with a pedestrian or a cyclist during very low-speed maneuvers.

Hey, I know how to make the hybrid cars noisier without even altering them — just strap a running gas-powered leaf blower to the roof.

Kerry’s all over this because when you can’t hear a car coming, it can sneak up and hit you before you’re ready for it… just like a football:


Author: Doug Powers

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