Stretch Pelosi Reminds Everyone Oil Spill is Fault of Bush and the Republican Congress


On her website, the illustrious Big Gavel commented on last night’s President Obama speech on the oil spill.

How long have the Democrats controlled Congress, anyway? Just wondering:

“The disastrous BP oil spill is a harsh reminder of the price we are now paying for the Bush Administration and Republican Congress placing the employees of Big Oil in charge of regulating their own industry.

Questions abound: If “big oil” is in charge of regulating its own industry, why was the Minerals Management Service Director the first head to roll over this? Also, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc, can orchestrate a takeover of Wall Street, health care and an auto company virtually overnight, but, almost two years after Bush left and several years after the GOP lost control of Congress, they couldn’t change how the drilling industry was regulated?

Pelosi naturally skips over the fact that, during two terms of Bush, BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig received six safety citations. During Obama’s first term, the rig was given a safety award.

Since the spill is all the fault of Bush and the Republicans who haven’t controlled Congress for four years, Obama didn’t see it necessary to meet with BP execs for more than 20 minutes, and BP has agreed to put $20 billion in a trust fund for victims of the oil spill.

If somebody finds a way to plug the hole with gall, the country will finally have a good use for Nancy Pelosi.

Author: Doug Powers

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