Armey on Olbermann

Too funny because it’s too true.

Dick Armey commenting about MSNBC lead-grimacer Keith Olbermann:

“Any legitimate newsperson would be embarrassed to see them pretending to be newspeople,” he said of MSNBC. “They’re not news people. They’re political hacks,” he said, specifically citing the network’s liberal hosts Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. “I’m sorry. I watch that network. I watch that Keith Olberby guy — cracks me up. I know very well he’s never gotten over the Americans beating the Russians in ’80. And he’s got this mean nasty side to him, and it’s entertaining, but don’t tell me he’s a newsperson. It’s a disrespect to the profession.”

Armey has no doubt earned himself a “Worst person in the wooorrrrlllld” award.

Author: Doug Powers

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