‘Absolutely Safe’ Energy Sources? Not Possible

Byron York: “Who told Obama that drilling is ‘absolutely safe’?”

Hopefully not the same person who told Obama that nuclear power plants can be absolutely safe.

There are in fact no “absolutely safe” energy sources. Consider one of the simplest and most convenient energy sources we have available: Ourselves. Obama recently expressed an interest in leg power — getting people to ride bikes and walk to where they’re going more (and spent a fortune of our money on it as a matter of fact). Do you know how many pedestrians and bicyclists are killed each year? Me neither, but I do know that it’s a lot.

If “leg power” is a dangerous source of energy, I’m certain that any energy source from there on up is going to carry with it risks. We should spend our time planning how to manage inevitable risks instead of on the futile exercise of trying to eliminate them.

Just a little something to Chu on heading into the weekend.

Now, speaking of energy sources, it’s about time to light the grill! Have a good weekend, and if you don’t see new posts here over the weekend, be sure to check in over at Michelle’s site.

Author: Doug Powers

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