Obama Chooses Man His Secretary of State Called a Liar to Replace Gen. McChrystal (Obama Used to be a Petraeus Skeptic Too)

President Obama has accepted General McChrystal’s resignation, and Obama’s choice of a replacement for McChrystal is sure to further anger a left-wing in America who is in the throes of realizing that many of Obama’s promises to turn the nation away from Bush’s policies weren’t worth the paper Hopenchange was written on.

General Petraeus, Obama’s choice as McChrystal’s replacement, was the face of Bush’s “illegal and immoral war” in Iraq, and has run from most accounts as successful an operation there as could be expected. This is the latest in a long line of slaps in the face of the lefties who carried Obama into office on their shoulders like a winning coach in Fantasy Football.

The US is still in Iraq, and still committed to Afghanistan. The Patriot Act has been renewed. Domestic spying has by some measures increased under Obama. Gitmo is still open. Obama retained Bush’s Secretary of Defense and now has put the general who the left (including, as you’ll see, Obama, Hillary, etc) demonized for years in charge of winning in Afghanistan.

It seems like only yesterday the Soros-funded Obama backers at MoveOn.org were running ads like this:


The Senate later overwhelmingly voted to condemn the anti-Petraeus MoveOn ad, and guess which Senators skipped the vote? Obama and Biden. Hillary voted “no.”

Speaking of Hillary, Obama’s current Secretary of State, less than three years ago, called Petraeus a liar right to his face:

The left can add Obama’s choosing of Petraeus to the long list of things that might make this “Bush’s third term” in a sense, but Team Obama knows that in 2012 the left will have nobody else to vote for — it’s not like they’re gonna vote for Palin.

Maybe the fact that the Kossers considered Hillary a hero for calling Petraeus a liar means that Obama choosing him to lead the charge in Afghanistan will be a big catalyst for the left to start a “draft Hillary” push.

Update: Here’s Senator Obama questioning General Petraeus in 2007. Obama was certainly skeptical of the General’s veracity — so the question is, was he playing politics then, is he playing politics now, or both? With politicians, the answer is almost always the latter.

Oh, and go to the 3:40 mark to hear Obama use an early rendition of his trademark “kicking ass” motto.

Author: Doug Powers

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