Putin Angry With US For Arresting Boris & Natasha


It’s getting so you can’t even plant spies in somebody else’s country without that country getting all wiggy about it and ruining a good relationship:

Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin criticized American law enforcement agencies on Tuesday for breaking up an what they described as a Russian espionage ring in the United States, as other Russian officials questioned whether the arrests were intended to damage relations between the countries.

“You have come to Moscow at the exact right time,” Mr. Putin told Mr. Clinton. “Your police have gotten carried away, putting people in jail.”
“I really expect that the positive achievements that have been made in our intergovernmental relations lately will not be damaged by the latest events,” he said. “We really hope that the people who value Russian-American relations understand this.”

That Bill Clinton gets around, doesn’t he? Bubba must be serving as Obama’s front-line apology attaché these days now that Hillary’s hanging out in Ecuador bitching about Arizona.

Pooty-poot is still waiting for an apology from the US for making the Rosenbergs ride the lightning — and I’m sure he’ll get one eventually from this administration.

Author: Doug Powers

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